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Picture of (units) Universal Spill Kit 55 Gal. drum

(units) Universal Spill Kit 55 Gal. drum

(units) Universal Spill Kit 55 Gal. drum


Our Super Sorbent technology is now combined into a handy UNIVERSAL spill kit for oily AND water leaks, spills and messes! This 55 gallon capacity spill cleanup kit comes in a durable locking drum with twenty pounds of our super absorbent Cel-Fiber™ Universal Special Absorbent®, twelve 3” x 4’ super sorbent flexible booms, thirty-six Oilinator® Power Mats, bonus goggles, gloves and disposal bag. Save money by simply re-filling the contents as they are used. For use indoors and outdoors. Each spill kit immediately absorbs 55 gallons and more of oil/petroleum related AND water based substances!
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