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Picture of Spill Kit 5 Gal. Yellow Soft Case

Spill Kit 5 Gal. Yellow Soft Case

Spill Kit 5 Gal. Yellow Soft Case


Our U.S. patented Oilinator® Super Sorbent products are now combined into handy, very affordable spill kits.This 5 gallon capacity spill cleanup kit comes in a durable, reusable  “Hi-Viz” yellow vinyl case, with an Incredisorb® “Power Pak” of our super absorbent proprietary powder, a 3” x 8’ Oilinator® super sorbent flexible boom, (3) Oilinator® Power Mats, bonus goggles, gloves and disposal bag. Save money by simply re-filling the contents as they are used—and reuse the durable “Hi-Viz” yellow vinyl case! Each spill kit immediately absorbs 5 gallons and more of oil and other petroleum related substances on land and water. For use indoors and outdoors!

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