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Picture of Bilge Boom Sock 10 x 18 UPC 853592003108

Bilge Boom Sock 10 x 18 UPC 853592003108



Are you tired of traditional absorptive “socks” that do not work effectively because of their cylindrical or rounded shape, or because they take on water and sink? Enter the UNSINKABLE, REUSABLE Oilinator® Bilge Boom Sock, by Monarch Green, Inc.® Our innovative, brand new Bilge Boom Sock is rectangular shaped, allowing for increased surface area for oil, fuel and  other petrochemical  absorption. It will not sink— even when fully saturated with oil!! Our REUSABLE High Capacity Bilge Boom Sock absorbs up to TWO GALLONS of fuel, oil, and other petroleum substances! Grommets allow for easy linking together of multiple units.

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